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Definition of "tunica" [tunica]

  • An enclosing membrane or layer of tissue. (noun)

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Use "tunica" in a sentence
  • "The mesothelioma tissue surrounding the male internal reproductive organs is called the tunica vaginalis testis."
  • "It is thicker than the aqueous, but thinner than the crystalline humour; on its back part is spread the retina, and in the middle of its fore part is a small cavity, in which the whole posterior surface of the crystalline lens lies; this humour is also enclosed in a very fine capsule, called tunica vitrea; this capsule at the edge of the crystalline humour is divided into two membranes, of which the one is continued over the whole anterior surface of the vitreous humour, and lines that cavity into which the back part of the crystalline is received; the other passes over the crystalline humour, and covers all its fore part, by which means these two humours are closely connected together."
  • "Toga, tunica, pallium, are words easily translated by gown, coat, and cloak; but we have thereby no more true ideas of the fashion of those habits amongst the Romans, than we have of the faces of the tailors who made them."
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