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Definition of "tuberosity" [tu•ber•os•i•ty]

  • The quality or condition of being tuberous. (noun)
  • A projection or protuberance, especially one at the end of a bone for the attachment of a muscle or tendon. (noun)

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Use "tuberosity" in a sentence
  • "In front of the upper end of the bone, between the condyles, is an oval eminence, the tuberosity, which is continuous below with the anterior crest of the bone."
  • "Short head: coracoid process of scapula with coracobrachialis INSERTION posterior border of bicipital tuberosity of radius over bursa and bicipital aponeurosis to deep fascia and subcutaneous ulna"
  • "Drill-mangabeys, drills and mandrills are also united by particularly large, rounded posterior premolars, a robust ilium, a reduced gluteal tuberosity on the femur, sharp borders to the margins of the patellar groove, and other characters."
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