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Definition of "tortoiseshell" [tortoiseshell]

  • The mottled, horny, translucent, brownish covering of the carapace of certain tortoises or turtles, especially the hawksbill, used to make combs, jewelry, and other articles. (noun)
  • A synthetic imitation of natural tortoiseshell. (noun)
  • See hawksbill. (noun)
  • A domestic cat having fur with brown, black, and yellowish markings. (noun)
  • Any of several butterflies, chiefly of the genus Nymphalis, having wings with orange, black, and brown markings. (noun)

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Use "tortoiseshell" in a sentence
  • "My tortoiseshell is plopped on my lap now purring and nosing my left (as I type) as if to say, “ear rub! now!”"
  • "Round-frame Gandhi-style sunglasses in tortoiseshell completed the look and I wore the same outfit for a peaceful hike up Ranthambore Fort later on, which offers breathtaking views of the Park from the top."
  • "After a struggle I was able to divine that the tortoiseshell was a female and the black and white a male."
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