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Definition of "topaz" [to•paz]

  • A colorless, blue, yellow, brown, or pink aluminum silicate mineral, often found in association with granitic rocks and valued as a gemstone, especially in the brown and pink varieties. (noun)
  • Any of various yellow gemstones, especially a yellow variety of sapphire or corundum. (noun)
  • A light yellow variety of quartz. (noun)
  • Either of two South American hummingbirds (Topaza pyra or T. pella) having colorful plumage. (noun)

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Use "topaz" in a sentence
  • "Generally, the yellow variety of quartz is given the name topaz, although the true topaz is much rarer."
  • "The name topaz is derived from the Greek _topazos_, which is the name of"
  • "The very word topaz is a derivative of an ancient Sanskrit word, topas, meaning “heat.”"