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Definition of "tobacco-pipe" [tobacco-pipe]

  • A pipe in which tobacco is smoked. (noun)
  • Same as Indian-pipe. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tobacco-pipe" in a sentence
  • "When you stood inside of one of those inverted bowls of a Pre-Adamite tobacco-pipe, looking up at the blue sky through the open top far off, as you might have looked up from a well, sunk under the centre of the pavement of the"
  • "So soon as the congregation were seated after prayers, and the clergyman had read his text, the gracious Duncan, after rummaging the leathern purse which hung in front of his petticoat, produced a short tobacco-pipe made of iron, and observed, almost aloud,"
  • "Upon one occasion, in particular, when she joked with the Laird on the propriety of giving a mistress to the house of Dumbiedikes, he was so effectually startled, that neither laced hat, tobacco-pipe, nor the intelligent proprietor of these movables, visited Woodend for a fortnight."
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