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Definition of "tilings" [tilings]

  • Plural form of tiling. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tilings" in a sentence
  • "· Taprats automatically reads all tiling designs (that is files ending with. tiling) placed under a directory called "tilings"."
  • "Penrose is a mystic, so it is hard for a layman to know when his results are physics (say, Penrose tilings as found in quasi-crystals) or bogus (say, the idea that the Church-Turing thesis doesn't apply for biological brains, so that the algorithmic hierarchy of computer science collapses and all sorts of funky stuff including time travel is possible, et cetera.)"
  • "Teach them that it isn't beyond their reach, that they can be brave, and travel, and learn amazing tilings, and do what is compassionate at whatever cost, Father."