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Definition of "things" []

  • Plural form of thing. (noun)
  • One's clothes, furniture, luggage, or possessions collectively; stuff (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "things" in a sentence
  • "Sometimes it's telling myself that credit for things accomplished and blame for things undone* are not linked; I can say, "The reason I don't have a job yet is the economy, and when I do get a job, it will be because I am awesome," and not be lying or otherwise deserving of bad things*."
  • "It leads one to pursue such things as gardening, beekeeping and cooking..things that take time and roots and being still."
  • "In the 1787 Introduction to the first Critique Kant maintains this problem of cognitive grounding can be overcome by acknowledging that, while reason must postulate the ˜unconditioned (...) in all things in themselves for everything conditioned, so that the series of conditions should thus become complete™, by restricting knowledge to appearances, rather than allowing it to be of ˜things in themselves™, the contradiction of seeking conditions of the unconditioned can be avoided."