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Definition of "supervening" []

  • Present participle of supervene. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "supervening" in a sentence
  • "Winston uses the term supervening social necessity and shows that invention only make their mark when society and industry is ready for the concepts."
  • "We can retain the general relativistic representation of physical space-time as a 4-dimensional manifold, equipped with a metric tensor of Lorentzian signature, but for each worldline & #947 representing a physical system with a mind supervening upon it, we can introduce a subjective time tensor."
  • "By St. Paul (developing a current Jewish distinction between rua,, spirit or breath, and nephesh,, soul) used for the lower or merely natural life of man, shared with other animals, in contrast with the or spirit, conceived as a higher element due to divine influence supervening upon the original constitution of unregenerate human nature: see PSYCHIC a. 2, PSYCHICAL 2."
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