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Definition of "superbeing" []

  • Comic books: a superhero or supervillain (noun)
  • Fantasy: a mage, sorcerer, witch or wizard (noun)
  • Fiction: a superhuman or non-human being (animal, monster or plant) (noun)
  • Mythology, religion: an angel, deity, demigod, demon or hero (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "superbeing" in a sentence
  • "I'd like to believe that the universe has been specially designed to achieve a mystical purpose and that a superbeing is taking an interest in our drama, but I do not think it is true."
  • "Assuming that I don’t have some sort of malignant brain tumor (* knocks wood furiously*), it must be that this alien life-form, this adorable-but-nonetheless-parasitic superbeing, is sucking every nutrient from my body and turning these to his own nefarious supergrowth purposes."
  • "In the poem, the "superbeing" (projected as the poet's Higher Self) attempts contact with the female character, first through enchantment, then through intimate dreams, and at last through taking on two distinct appearances"