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Definition of "subprime" []

  • Less than prime; inferior. (adjective)
  • (now worldwide) Designating a loan (typically at a greater than usual rate of interest) offered to a borrower who is not qualified for other loans (e.g. because of poor credit history). (adjective)
  • (dated) Designating a type of commercial lending rate, less than the prime rate, offered to desirable borrowers. (adjective)
  • A subprime loan. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "subprime" in a sentence
  • "More securities with the label subprime or Alt-A attached to them are deemed too controversial to own, particularly with the constant threat of express-train credit downgrades taking their ratings many notches lower."
  • "WOOSTER -- A Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Wall Street Journal said the term subprime mortgage was a relatively new one for him when it became the turning point in a crisis."
  • "COOPER: Everyone uses this term subprime, but we're talking about junk mortgages."