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Definition of "street-sweeper" [street-sweeper]

  • One who or that which sweeps the streets; specifically, a machine provided with brushes and scrapers for removing dust, mud, etc., from the streets. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "street-sweeper" in a sentence
  • "No one, not even a street-sweeper, much less a wealthy merchant, should ever look upon the works of a Mage with anything other than the deepest and most profound gratitude, a gratitude all-important and all-encompassing."
  • "Mark had a pretty tough life, lost his job as a skilled engineer because of his union activity, ended up as a street-sweeper, but never lost his sense of humour, his ability to see the best in people."
  • "Note that the goon with the Chicago street-sweeper is left-handed."
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