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Definition of "storm-tossed" []

  • Tossed about by storm or tempest: as, a storm-tossed bark; hence, agitated by conflicting passions or emotions: as, his storm-tossed spirit is at rest.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "storm-tossed" in a sentence
  • "Because they have not read crucial work in Spanish, Mr. Bergreen and Ms. Delaney misrepresent Columbus's motive—which was social ambition, inspired in part by his self-modeling on fictional heroes such as the Alexander of a Spanish metrical romance, who discovered India by sea, or the storm-tossed protagonist of the Romance of the Cavalier."
  • "In those hours when my life is storm-tossed and wind-battered, the light around me shines bright with hope shielded by her hurricane spirit."
  • "With shades of The Tempest in its storm-tossed opening and a central character called Prosper a homeless man in search of himself and his lost history, A Few Man Fridays is a fiction – but one that's very much based on documentary evidence and interviews, as it reveals a grubby story of secrecy, deceit, colonial attitudes and collusion."