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Definition of "staminate" [stam•i•nate]

  • Having stamens but lacking pistils: staminate flowers. (adjective)

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Use "staminate" in a sentence
  • "He has an elogated knob, a staminate blossom, in the center which produces the pollen to fertilize the female or pistillate blossom below."
  • "To plant several varieties is absolutely necessary on account of pollenizing, as staminate and pistillate flowers, though on the same plant, do not always appear together in proper condition on all plants; in fact it has been proven in my orchard that sometimes plants bring forth a great many pistillate blossoms and not a single staminate one on them, and still a good crop of nuts were grown on them."
  • "The plants themselves were growing beautifully, but most of the staminate blossoms or catkins were frozen, and, consequently, very little pollenizing was accomplished, and very little fruit the result."
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