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Definition of "spider monkey" []

  • Any of several tropical American monkeys of the genus Ateles, having long legs and a long prehensile tail and lacking a thumb. (noun)

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Use "spider monkey" in a sentence
  • "He broke the spider monkey out when our energy flagged, which was often, and I always thought his motivation was a magician's motivation, creating a flourish with his left hand so that we wouldn't notice him reaching his right into his sleeve, creating a small explosion to hide the doves he pulled from offstage, creating a ruckus with his body to disguise the dexterity of his mind."
  • "“At Dupuy School, a man came with a baboon and a spider monkey and three chimpanzees—and we got to pet them; and we brushed the hair backward and the skin was pink.”"
  • "One species of spider monkey occurred only in the Guiana district, northeast of the Amazon-Negro junction."
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