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Definition of "sound out" [sound out]

  • To question and listen attentively in order to discover a person's opinion, intent, or preference, especially by using indirect conversational remarks. (verb)
  • To pronounce a word or phrase by articulating each of its letters or syllables slowly in sequence. (verb)
  • To speak or sing loudly, to call out. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "sound out" in a sentence
  • "The sight of Ilfn with Lheket brought an ugly sound out of the male polarity."
  • "Overruling Lord Granville, he accepted an offer from Wilfrid Blunt to sound out negotiations with the Mahdi via Jamal ed-Din al-Afghani.12"
  • "They can say to us, get that zether - put on your thimble and make its wires sound out a Tyrolese air, or go to that piano and give us the"