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Definition of "skip over" []

  • Bypass (verb)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "skip over" in a sentence
  • "Much of the discussion tended to skip over the enormous stake the United States had in the situation, or the ramifications of the aggression on the emerging postCold War world."
  • "L3:; loop here to eat empty lines, leading blanks CALL SKIP_BLANKS; skip over the leading blanks of a line INC SI; advance source ptr beyond the next non-blank JHASH L3; if hash sign then process, and eat more blanks CMP AL,0A; were the blanks terminated by a linefeed?"
  • "To such however as do not choose to go so far back into these things, I can give no better advice than that they skip over the remaining part of this chapter; for I declare before-hand,"