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Definition of "skin-boat" []

  • A coracle, or rawhide boat; a bull-boat. See cut under coracle. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "skin-boat" in a sentence
  • "The _ouimiack_, or skin-boat, is a clumsy-looking contrivance, but not to be despised on that account; from the buoyancy of the materials of which it is built, the ouimiack stands a much heavier sea than our best sea-boat."
  • "We were attended on the voyage by a skin-boat (or woman's boat) in which were _Thukkekina_ and his wife, and their adopted child _Mammak_, a boy twelve years old."
  • "The skin-boat was intended as a refuge, in case of any accident happening to our own boat, and was useful in landing, as we never brought the large boat close in shore."