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Definition of "serging" []

  • In sewing-machine work, a method of stitching, resembling blindstitching, done on carpet-sewing machines. See carpet-sewing machine, under sewing-machine. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "serging" in a sentence
  • "Stitch the fabric interface of the stars on the sides, bad sides, and then cut a small hole in the interface, and turn right through this this hole, use a hair pin or paper clip to get a completely, while the storage, or you can use to check the fight, the interface or fuses or serging / Cloud if you want to see a rough."
  • "Seam edges should always be finished somehow, with pinking, stitching or serging, or seam binding."
  • "Meanwire in a ghasly lit street in Chelthea, a darkly clocked man with a fearful weapon, creeped about serging for revenge on the women of the streets for giving him the dreadfoot V.D."
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