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Definition of "self-sown" [self-sown]

  • Disseminated without the intervention of human or animal agency; in common usage, sown by any agency other than man.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "self-sown" in a sentence
  • "Dead hedges of olive prunings were woven along the tops of the walls, and self-sown figs grew from between the stones."
  • "Flanking the path (which varies in width along the meandering nine-block route now open, up to West 20th Street) are planting beds meant to evoke the lush, self-sown greenery that thrived on the High Line during its three decades of desuetude."
  • "Fields of self-sown wheat and vines were growing there; also, there were trees known as maple, and they took specimens of all of them."