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Definition of "scattering" []

  • Something scattered, especially a small, irregularly occurring amount or quantity: a scattering of applause. (noun)
  • Physics The dispersal of a beam of particles or of radiation into a range of directions as a result of physical interactions. (noun)
  • Placed irregularly and far apart; scattered. (adjective)

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Use "scattering" in a sentence
  • "When the neutrons bounce against atomic nuclei, they do not lose energy, but their scattering is concentrated in directions that are determined by the structure in which the atoms are arranged."
  • "From 1967 to about 1975 the MIT and SLAC groups carried out a series of measurements of inelastic electron scattering from the proton and neutron which provided the first direct evidence of the quark sub-structure of the nucleon."
  • "Leipzig, I began to examine the nature of the infinities appearing in scattering processes at the same time that I was engaged in the above-mentioned work of formulating a covariant field theory."