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Definition of "sapience" [sa•pi•ence]

  • The property of being sapient, the property of possessing or being able to possess wisdom. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "sapience" in a sentence
  • "First of all, he claims ignorance on the part of whether or not fetuses are sentient and I was making the common error of confusing sentience with sapience, which is what I think most people consider for what has rights as his primary excuse for supporting abortion and in his words, “only the Christian Right argues against that.”"
  • "The strength and truculency of the vested interests with which he would have to deal were too much for a man whose nerve was weakened by philosophy and experience, and Laelius by his retreat justified, if he did not gain, the soubriquet which proclaimed his "sapience". ["
  • "Confusing sentience and sapience, awareness and intellect, they schism the self, imagine reason as the pilot of this intransigent meat-robot, this beast of a machine with its wayward impulses that must be reined in, restrained and redirected, repressed."