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Definition of "salacity" [sa•lac•i•ty]

  • The state or quality of being salacious; lewdness, obscenity, bawdiness. (noun)
  • An act which is salacious (lewd, obscene or bawdy). (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "salacity" in a sentence
  • "Aristotle gives instance in sparrows, which are parum vivaces ob salacitatem, [2990] short lived because of their salacity, which is very frequent, as"
  • "Mr. Hendrickson handles this material sympathetically and intelligently, and entirely without salacity."
  • "It was a paltry and pathetic little library of flagellation, titillation and salacity, incapable, he thought, of stimulating any emotion beyond ennui and vague disgust."