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Definition of "rye-grass" []

  • The ray-grass, Lolium perenne. (noun)
  • Lyme-grass. See Elymus. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "rye-grass" in a sentence
  • "(_Triticum_) resides in the relative position of the spikelets and the main stem; in _Triticum_ the spikelets are placed with their backs against the rachis, in _Lolium_ with one edge against it; but in a specimen of rye-grass that has come under my own observation, the arrangement was that of _Triticum_."
  • "Sometimes these deviations from the ordinary position have the more interest as affecting characters used to distinguish genera; thus one of the distinctions between rye-grass (_Lolium_) and wheat"
  • "This practice is particularly calculated for second crops of clover and rye-grass."