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Definition of "roll up" [roll up]

  • An exclamation used to get people's attention to sell something. (interjection)
  • Make into a cylinder by rolling (verb)
  • Make into a bundle (verb)
  • Arrive by vehicle, usually by car (verb)
  • A self-made cigarette from tobacco and rolling paper. (Sometimes spelt as roll-up.) (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "roll up" in a sentence
  • "The Soviet 86th Rifle Division tried to storm across the frozen Neva River and roll up Schlüsselburg from the flank, but the attack failed in the face of concentrated fire from the German defenders."
  • "In a related development, as transition-hungry writers like to put it, a new sense of to roll up wheeled into the lexicon."
  • ""You little puntas," Gustavo said, stepping up and beginning to roll up the bloodstained rug."