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Definition of "rin" [rin]

  • An obsolete or Scotch variant of run. (noun)
  • A Japanese bronze or brass coin, exactly similar in form to the Chinese cash, and equal in value to the thousandth part of a yen. See li and yen. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "rin" in a sentence
  • "Noo by _rin_ he maun hae meaned _rin up_, for a body's no to rin frae the deevil but resist him; and what is't that hauds onybody frae rinnin up the air but his feet?"
  • "The text of The Children of Húrin is in part compiled from these extant texts, and particularly that which appears in Unfinished Tales."
  • "Húrin is beautifully typeset, with the sort of beauty that one finds chiefly in advertisements and glossy brochures: short on text, but artfully arranged."