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Definition of "rhizoid" [rhi•zoid]

  • A slender rootlike filament by which mosses, liverworts, and fern gametophytes attach to the substratum and absorb nourishment. (noun)
  • A rootlike extension of the thallus of a fungus. (noun)

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Use "rhizoid" in a sentence
  • ""We were really excited when we saw how similar the ultrastructure of our liverwort rhizoid walls was to images of Prototaxites tubes published in 1976 by Rudy Schmid," Graham said."
  • "B, Part of a developed protonema. h, Creeping filament with brown walls from which the filaments of chlorophyll-containing cells (b) arise; k, young moss-plant; w, its first rhizoid.]"
  • "-- Types of colonies: a, Filamentous; b, rhizoid; c, conglomerate; d, toruloid.] (C) ~Surface Elevation."