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Definition of "res" []

  • Short form of Indian reserve or reservation (noun)
  • Short form of resolution (of a computer display, etc.). (noun)
  • Short form of college or university residence (noun)
  • Short form of resurrection (noun)
  • Short form of resurrect (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "res" in a sentence
  • "Boadle, an English case of 1863,25 launched the phrase res ipsa loquitur—the thing speaks for itself."
  • "We in turn had our arrangement with our label res - tructured so future payments from old albums wouldn't be channeled through him."
  • "According to Descartes, man is a composite of two distinct substances—one an intellect, which he called res cogitans or, in English, a thinking substance; the other a body, which he called res extensa or, in English, a three-dimensionally extended substance."