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Definition of "red deer" []

  • A common deer (Cervus elaphus) of Europe and Asia, having a reddish-brown coat. (noun)
  • The summer morph of the white-tailed deer, having a reddish coat. (noun)

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Use "red deer" in a sentence
  • "And in fact it seems to stand in the same relation to the palmated elk, as the red deer does to the fallow."
  • "Besides forest horses and forest rhinos, wild pigs and several varieties of deer found a home in the tree-filled landscape: red deer, later called elk in other lands, in small herds; individuals and small groups of shy roe-deer with simple three-pointed antlers; the slightly larger, fawn-and-white dappled fallow deer; and a few elk, referred to as moose by those who call the red deer elk, all shared the wooded environment."
  • "The wilderness had always been his dwelling – in the land he had left, his early days had been passed in hunting the red deer or the red man on the Prairie fields – there, with the true spirit of the old American, he had learned to treat the Indian as "varment," although a kindlier feeling was awakened towards them in this country, where white as well as red were recipients of England's bounty, and many a tale of wild pathos or dark horror has he told of the experience of his youth with the people of the wild."