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Definition of "rachis" [‖Ra•chis]

  • Biology A main axis or shaft, such as the main stem of an inflorescence, the stalk of a pinnately compound leaf, or the spinal column. (noun)

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Use "rachis" in a sentence
  • "Pinnately compound leaves have the leaflets arranged along the main or mid-vein (called a rachis in this case). odd pinnate: with a terminal leaflet, e.g. Fraxinus (ash). even pinnate: lacking a terminal leaflet, e.g. Swietenia (mahogany)."
  • "Zoom out, and we see that feathers have a central shaft called the rachis with two vanes on either side."
  • "The spikelets are unilaterally biseriate on the rachis which is not jointed at the base."
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