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Definition of "propitiative" [propitiative]

  • Serving to, or intended to, propitiate; propitiatory, reconciliatory (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "propitiative" in a sentence
  • "Professor LEUBA81 and others distinguish between propitiative behaviour towards the beings of the spiritual world, as marking the religious attitude, and coercive behaviour towards these beings as characteristic of the magical attitude; but one form of behaviour merges by insensible degrees into the other, and the distinction (though a useful one) may, for our present purpose, be neglected."
  • "This answer forbade his further questioning; offended, possibly, his sense of that confidence which is due comrade to comrade, but she became immediately so propitiative and sweetly dependent -- the antithesis to that self-reliance her response implied -- he thought no more of it, but remained content with her reticence."
  • "The old commodore's eyes flashed to retort, but the senator forced a propitiative smile, adding: "However, let that pass just now, here's something else.""