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Definition of "propagator" [prop•a•ga•tor]

  • A person who disseminates news or rumour (noun)
  • A person who propagates plants (noun)
  • A covered, sometimes heated container for germinating seeds or raising seedlings (noun)
  • A function that represents the quantum propagation of a subatomic particle (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "propagator" in a sentence
  • "Once the meme has been propagated, the propagator is tossed aside, and must wait to be rediscovered by “the kids,” à la Tony Bennett."
  • "In 1985 a college student interning at Bell Laboratories -- Robert Tappan Morris, later known as the propagator of the notorious Internet Worm -- first theorized this particular glitch."
  • "The field will operate by way, of course, of the Jones propagator, which is dipolar and restricted to the imaginary plane and for which all trees are an antenna by excitation of cellulolignonic resonances."