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Definition of "pour out" []

  • To serve a drink into a cup or glass. (verb)
  • To distribute or spread (something), as if it were a liquid. (verb)
  • To leave a place quickly, and in large numbers. (verb)
  • To talk volubly and deeply. Usually implies telling the truth. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pour out" in a sentence
  • "To him it seemed as if his life-sorrows were now over, and as if, out of that strange treasury of peace and joy, with which he had been endowed from above, he longed to pour out something for the relief of their woes."
  • "Pearl Curran, a woman of no special education or talents, operating a Ouija board, suddenly began to pour out works of remarkable literary skill and displayed a wise and witty personality superior to her ordinary self."
  • "The synonymy of such lovesick sappiness: mawkish is unpleasantly insipid; maudlin is teary (an alteration of the weeping penitent Mary Magdalene); gushy is prone to pour out torrents of flattery; schmaltzy is cornball; gooey implies a substance or emotion both sticky and slithery; squishy-soft is moistly weak; bathetic, from the Greek bathos (“depth”), coined on the analogy of pathos to pathetic, connotes both triteness and insincerity."