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Definition of "pouch-shaped" []

  • Shaped like a pouch (adjective)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "pouch-shaped" in a sentence
  • "This nest, pouch-shaped, and open at the top, is fastened to the branch of a tree, and sometimes is interwoven with the twigs of a waving bough."
  • "Indenting the rock-bound coasts are a hundred pouch-shaped harbors such as are but rarely found in the other islands and shores of the"
  • "Of the six floral leaves which every orchid, terrestrial or aerial, possesses, one is always peculiar in form, pouch-shaped, or a cornucopia filled with nectar, or a flaunted, fringed banner, or a broad platform for the insect visitors to alight on."
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