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Definition of "planeta" [planeta]

  • Originally, an ample mantle, usually of costly material, similar to the pænula, or chasuble in its earlier or circular form. It was worn by the wealthy, and especially by senators, officials, and nobles. in Rome and other parts of the West during the fifth and sixth centuries. (noun)
  • Hence A chasuble. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "planeta" in a sentence
  • "On such days the deacons either wore no vestment over the alb or put on, instead of the dalmatic the so-called planeta plicata, a dark-coloured chasuble folded in a particular manner."
  • "Hoy los esfuerzos comienzan a dar resultado, hay nuevas generaciones, cambio social y leyes que pretenden resguardar el planeta o al menos intentarlo."
  • "Deacon and subdeacon sometimes wear a folded chasuble (planeta plicata) ... the deacon, before chanting the Gospel, folded it like a mantle under the right arm in order to perform his functions more conveniently."
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