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Definition of "pipe up" [pipe up]

  • To speak up, especially in a robust, assertive manner. (verb)
  • To being singing or playing musical notes on a pipe or similar wind instrument. (verb)
  • To begin to blow more vigorously. (verb)
  • To call, awaken, or summon, as with a musical instrument. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "pipe up" in a sentence
  • "On March 16, a few days before he was to report to prison, Popcorn hooked a pipe up from the exhaust of his Ford Fairlane—his three-jug car, he called it, because he’d traded three jugs of liquor for it—and asphyxiated himself."
  • "I suppose everybody has heard schoolboys quarrel, and noticed that just on the edge of a fight over a game of marbles one or the other would pipe up in a high-keyed tone, "You don't know who you're foolin 'with!""