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Definition of "pheasant" [pheas•ant]

  • Any of various Old World birds of the family Phasianidae, especially the ring-necked pheasant introduced in North America, characteristically having long tails and, in the males of many species, brilliantly colored plumage. (noun)
  • Any of several other birds that resemble the pheasant, such as the partridge. (noun)

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Use "pheasant" in a sentence
  • "However, if the pheasant is within 25 yards and is in the middle of the pattern, even #8's can be effective."
  • "I had to pay something over three solid sovereigns for them, as in those days such things were dear, which showed me that I was not going to get my lesson in English pheasant shooting for nothing."
  • "Making a play on the word pheasant doesn't make you Oscar Bloody Wilde."