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Definition of "perfectibility" [per•fect•i•bil•i•ty]

  • The possibility of achieving perfection. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "perfectibility" in a sentence
  • "Last week I reread Gulliver's Travels, it's for the chapter I'm writing for the book on breeding the chapter's about the idea of perfectibility, Swift to Godwin, with digressions on horse-breeding and cultural versus genetic perfectibility; Swift really is the most amazing writer, there's no one else like him."
  • "Where then is the sense of calling the perfectibility of man as used by modern philosophers to be mere words without a meaning, that is mere nonsense."
  • "Returning to that "perfectibility" argument I was making a couple of weeks ago, Luthor believes he's earned the right to occupy Superman's cultural role--his idea of perfection is defined in terms of power and prestige, and you don't get much more of that than being the U.S."