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Definition of "paymaster-general" []

  • In the United States army, an officer of the rank of brigadier general, who commands the pay department, which is charged with the payment of the officers and men.
  • In the United States navy, the Chief of the Bureau of Provisions and Clothing, who has charge of the payment of officers and men and their clothing and subsistence. He has the rank of rear admiral.
  • In Great Britain, an officer of the Treasury who makes all payments and disbursements, civil as well as military. He is a member of the ministry, but not of the cabinet.

Gnu Collaboartive International Dictionary of English: licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

Use "paymaster-general" in a sentence
  • "As a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and its speaker, a member and president of the Provincial Congress, and paymaster-general, James Warren took a leading part in the events of the American revolutionary period, and his wife followed its progress with keen interest."
  • "Responding cautiously, it sent its paymaster-general, Stephen Cave, M.P., to prepare a confidential report on the Egyptian finances."
  • "On April 1 last year, funds were transferred from the paymaster-general account (PMG account) into the commercial banks accounts of the justice department's sub-offices."