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Definition of "pandemoniac" []

  • Of or pertaining to pandemonium; characteristic of pandemonium.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "pandemoniac" in a sentence
  • "Confusion, dirt, pandemoniac noise, long delay, and over all a blistering sun, were ill suited to bring peace to the embezzled seeker after pleasure."
  • "He was sitting at a supper-table smoking a cigarette, and gazing somewhat sadly -- it seemed to me -- at the pandemoniac phantasmagoria of screaming dancers, the glittering cosmopolitan chaos that multiplied itself riotously in the mirrored walls of the great flaring ball-room, where under-dressed women, waving many-coloured paper lanterns, rode on the shoulders of grotesquely clad men prancing to joyous music."
  • "The stranger, as he speculates on these pandemoniac noises, is able to realize the idea that were they discontinued the excitement necessary for the minds of the pundits might be lowered, and that activity might be lessened, and evil results might follow."
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