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Definition of "palaeoclimatology" [palaeoclimatology]

  • The scientific study of prehistoric climate of the Earth. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "palaeoclimatology" in a sentence
  • "The two are not unconnected as the pseudo-science that is "palaeoclimatology" looks evermore threadbare and the IPCC is finally exposed for the politically driven organisation it is, it becomes increasingly clear that "International Aid" when not used to line the pockets of corrupt dictators is used to fund the very organisations that take to the streets to lobby governments on climate change."
  • "As far as palaeoclimatology is concerned, (ie. going back beyond 1850): certainly it is a useful, indeed essential, tool in trying to understand the present."
  • "If the science of palaeoclimatology had developed in tropics, rather than Europe, the Early Holocene would be remarked upon for its precipitation rather than its temperature."
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