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Definition of "ornithopod" []

  • Any of various large ornithischian dinosaurs of the suborder Ornithopoda, including the hadrosaurs. (noun)
  • Of or relating to the suborder Ornithopoda. (adjective)

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Use "ornithopod" in a sentence
  • "To sum up the site in a nutshell, it isn't known for sure if it is Protohadros, as the type specimen is only known from the skull, but it is sure shaping up to be that way, as Protohadros is the only large ornithopod known from this time in Texas."
  • "Protohadros was a large ornithopod native to Texas, living at the very end of the Early Cretaceous period, right before the big extinction in the Turonian that knocked off the stegosaurs, a lot of the pterosaurs, and others."
  • "Also preserved at the site are the carnivorous dinosaur Ceratosaurus (6 teeth) and the small ornithopod dinosaur Othnielosaurus (one jaw fragment), the latter first identified during the 2008 season."