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Definition of "ocum" [ocum]

  • An obsolete spelling of oakum. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "ocum" in a sentence
  • "Noctuae ocum abstemios facit comestum, ex consilio Jarthae Indorum gymnosophistae apud Philostratum lib."
  • "Meantime General S.ocum had reached his corps (the Twentieth), stationed at the Chattahoochee bridge, had relieved General A.S. Williams in command, and orders had been sent back to him to feel forward occasionally toward Atlanta, to observe the effect when we had reached the railroad."
  • "Wee hope the Lord in marce will so dispose of it Wee haue sent in the Whalle 70 ston of ocum at lOd. and the carig .."
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