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Definition of "occurrent" []

  • Current, actual, occurring. (adjective)
  • An event, something that occurs. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "occurrent" in a sentence
  • "Most theorists believe that there are mental states ” such as occurrent thoughts or judgments ” that are access-conscious (in whatever is the correct functionally-definable sense), but that are not phenomenally conscious."
  • "But sense (4), that of "what it is like" to entertain a given quale, can be generalized: It is not only qualia that have the higher-order what-it's-like property; arguably propositional attitudes and other states that do not involve qualia in sense (3), such as occurrent thoughts, have it too (Siewert"
  • "Apples are naturally occurrent and edible while sparkplugs are inedible artifacts."
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