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Definition of "obsceneness" [obsceneness]

  • Same as obscenity. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "obsceneness" in a sentence
  • "As for the children, who had no knowledge of God, and who learnt songs of ribaldry and obsceneness as soon as they began to speak, he formed them so well in a little time, that they publicly recited the Christian doctrine, and set up little altars in the streets, about which they sung together the hymns of the Catholic church."
  • "All of them profited by his sermons, and in little time nothing was heard amongst them, which was offensive to the honour of God, or that wounded Christian charity; or touched upon obsceneness, or ill manners."
  • "His discourse at table was scandalously unbecoming the dignity of his station; noise, brutality, and obsceneness."