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Definition of "nimble-footed" []

  • Running with speed; light of foot.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "nimble-footed" in a sentence
  • "In my first collection there's a poem called "Elegy for Fats Waller" in which my hero metamorphoses into the Sheikh of Araby one of his numbers: "Across the deserts of the blues a trail / He blazes, towards the one true mirage, / Enormous on a nimble-footed camel / And almost refusing to be his age.""
  • "It requires continued anti-inflationary bias with a close watch and nimble-footed calibration to new information, it said."
  • "It's period perfect but feels contemporary and vibrant and it's because of Herman's ability to coordinate the visuals with the dialogue and recruit a cast that is not just nimble-footed but nimble-tongued as well so that, though they may trip over their various imbroglios, they don't stumble over their dialogue."