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Definition of "neoliberal" []

  • In accordance with, or subscribing to, neoliberalism (adjective)
  • A person who subscribes to neoliberalism (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "neoliberal" in a sentence
  • "| Reply | Permalink not that the history lesson isn't welcome, but if you read cohen's column you will see that the confusion is his. deliberately so. and that is what i for one was responding to. cohen attempts to reinvent the term neoliberal to use it a life preserver to throw to conservatives wanting to put distance between themselves and bush's sinking ship."
  • "| Reply | Permalink that's exactly what cohen was trying to do when he pretended to play dumb and reinvent the term neoliberal to smear bush and all of his disasters including iraq. never mind that iraq was a neoconservative misadventure. never mind that neoliberal has an actual meaning. neoconservative has the word conservative in it so it's too troubling to condemn it let alone use it as a criticism. but hey, neoliberal has the word liberal in it so let's use that instead. the republicans have so much invested in their campaign to make 'liberal' a negative, it makes sense. but dubya strikes me as egomaniacal in his desire to have history look back worshipfully on him as a president. i can't imagine if republicans push this 'bush is a liberal' crap that bush will be able to stop himself from pushing back from the bully pulpit."
  • "A nation where, after decades of bad choices, the political elite had for the last decade been the world's truest believers in neoliberal economics."