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Definition of "nattering" [nattering]

  • Present participle of natter. (verb)
  • Idle chatter. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "nattering" in a sentence
  • "Whenever a Liberal has an objection to a conservative, their nattering is deemed "Asking the hard questions.""
  • "There will be some nattering from the GOP about using the reconciliation tactic, but that just proves the depth of their hypocrisy; they were all in favor of it when they were the majority."
  • "I realize I have just been kind of nattering on this week and the one time I wasn't that turned out real well; but this weekend I promise to try and do some real entries."
  • "After he was thrown from public office for tax fraud, extortion and bribery, we never heard much more from Agnew, and his most enduring legacy was to imprint "nattering," "nabob" and"
  • "It is demeaning, snickering, and the kind of nattering nabobbing of negatisism that shows those running the Republican talking points show here are truly not putting love of country above winning the election at all costs."