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Definition of "name-plate" [name-plate]

  • A plate bearing a person's name; specifically, a plate of metal, as silver-plate or polished brass, upon which a person's name is engraved, placed upon the door or the door-jamb of a residence or a place of business. (noun)
  • A metal plate bearing the name of the manufacturer, and often giving the size and capacity of the machine, placed on a machine-tool, engine, dynamo, or other machine. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "name-plate" in a sentence
  • "First he came in with a tummy-ache, said the nurse, whose name-plate on her sweater read Carole, but who had never identified herself verbally to Sadhana as anything other than The School Nurse."
  • "Like his archrival Thackeray, who marked the success of "Vanity Fair" in 1847-48 by putting up his name-plate outside the chambers of a barrister friend, Dickens seems to have spent the first decade of an ever-triumphant career worrying that the bubble might be about to burst."
  • "Parents also feel that lobbing their children into the school with the best name-plate on the front door that they can afford equates to success."