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Definition of "mulattoes" [mulattoes]

  • Plural form of mulatto. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "mulattoes" in a sentence
  • "The worst of them are what they call mulattoes; they are a whity-brown sort of chaps, neither one thing nor the other, and a nice cut-throat lot they are."
  • "Slide 9: Anti-Miscegenation Laws • Jamestown: "mulattoes" - "spurious issue" and "abominable mixture" • First anti-miscegenation laws in VA and MD in 1660s • First the laws criminalized marriages b / t whites and black indentured servants and slaves • then in"
  • "I have previously observed that the mixed race is the true bond of union between the Europeans and the Indians; just so, the mulattoes are the true means of transition between the white and the Negro; so that wherever mulattoes abound, the intermixture of the two races is not impossible."