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Definition of "monotonic" [mon•o•ton•ic]

  • Of or using the Greek system of diacritics which discards the breathings and employs a single accent to indicate stress. (adjective)
  • Said of a function that either never decreases or never increases as its independent variable increases. (adjective)
  • Uttered in a monotone; monotonous. (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "monotonic" in a sentence
  • "The fundamental flaw is looking at temperature changes as "monotonic" that is, inexorably heading upward."
  • "Prior to last week, I was always getting unsteady again before bedtime, so this still feels like progress, though obviously not monotonic progress."
  • "John Simm chewed up the scenery again and the writers had the courtesy and clarity to draw him not as a monotonic evil character but as someone deserving of at least a modicum of sympathy, from the viewers as well as from the Doctor."